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Start a Class at your Location

Schedule a yoga class at your preschool, school, work place or Wellness Center.

Start a Class at your Location

Tailored to you and your business, each on-site yoga class will give special attention to requested areas of interest, for example stress management or deep relaxing stretches or energizing flows. Yoga mats and props are provided on request. See below class descriptions for styles (or combinations of styles) offered.

"...Do yoga today so that you can do yoga tomorrow..."

Kids On-site Imagination Yoga Classes

On-Site Classes

Start a Class at your Location

Bringing the adventure to you and your kids!

Each on-site Imagination Yoga class offers a chance for kids to escape into their imagination while learning 20+ yoga poses and yoga conceptions such as kindness, calm, concentration and meditation. See Kids Yoga for more information about Imagination Yoga.​

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Start a Class at your Location

Schedule a yoga class at your preschool, school, work place or Wellness Center.

Adult On-site Yoga Classes

Class Descriptions

Hatha Flow - combines still postures (asanas) with conscious breathing to develop strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness connecting mind and body. Emphasis is on a calm pace, placing awareness on each posture. This style can be used as a Gentle Yoga practice or can be more vigorous by adding flow (Hatha Flow) to the postures at the beginning of class.

Vinyasa - flow-based practice using movement and breath together to flow from posture (asana) to posture. Emphasis is on movement and breath, building stamina.

Yin/Restorative - mostly seated postures (asanas) held from 3-5 minutes, combined with completely supported restorative postures. Emphasis is on relaxing and renewing, creating calm and quiet for a more meditative practice.

Pilates or Yoga Core - a blend of yoga and Pilates, follows the flow of a Vinyasa class. Pilates core, glute and strength work is blended in at intervals. Ending with still postures (asanas) to ease and stretch the body.

Combining the Styles - any combination of styles can be used within a class, upon request.